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The Regional Mapping Project

1,307  accessions of A.thaliana have been genotyped using the Affymetrix Arabidopsis 250k - SNP chip (Horton et al., 2012), after first selecting unique lines from a collection of ~6,000 accessions genotyped using 149 genome-wide SNPs (Platt et al., 2010). We have collected high quality geographic coordinates for 1,193 of these samples (Anastasio et al., 2011). 


New Zealand (NZ-1) not shown.

Due to the extensive size of this collection, these accessions enable mapping using either global or regional populations, and thus enable one to compare the genetic basis of ecologically important traits among distinct subsets (Horton et al., 2012). These genotyped lines were created in collaboration with the Borevitz and Nordborg laboratories, and will be made available through the Ohio State Arabidopsis Stock Center.



Both imputed and unimputed SNPs are available; for samples with high-quality geographic data, please click here

The latitude and longitude for these accessions are available. The annotations of individual SNPs are here.

Selection Signals

The regional mapping panel was used to search for candidate targets of selection using the pairwise haplotype sharing statistic (Toomajian et al., 2006), the composite likelihood ratio test (Nielsen et al., 2005), and a global FST scan (Lewontin & Krakauer, 1973).

You can visualize these scores in a genomic context using the selection browser:


For example, the top 20 candidate targets of selection (10-kb windows) are shown here:


The selection browser is based on an earlier idea by Pickrell and colleagues (Pickrell et al., 2009; the hgdp browser): 

which has been useful for researchers conducting human-related GWAS.


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