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A.thaliana Resources

Genomic polymorphism data in A.thaliana

We have devoted substantial effort over the last decade establishing the ability to perform Genome Wide Association mapping in A.thaliana. This began with early work to understand genetic variation in the species, followed by later work to characterize patterns of linkage disequilibrium and the ability to association map simple traits. The work has come to fruition in a collaborative effort between the Bergelson, Borevitz and Nordborg labs in which 107 phenotypes are mapped (Atwell et al, 2010). These efforts are more fully described here, and the associated database can be found here.

Regional Mapping (RegMap) lines

1,307  accessions of A.thaliana from throughout much of its distribution have been genotyped using the Affymetrix Arabidopsis 250k - SNP chip, after first selecting unique lines from a collection of ~6,000 accessions genotyped using 149 genome-wide SNPs. The project is described here.

 RegMap lines

Click to view full-size image.. - ( PDF document, 594Kb )

1001 Genomes Project

We also participate in an international collaboration to fully sequence the genomes of 1001 A.thaliana accessions. More information can be found here.

149-SNP primers

This primer set has been established to quickly and cheaply fingerprint accessions, which is especially important in confirming the identify of stock center lines. Primer sequences can be found here (see table) and background information can be found here.

List of putative contaminants among stock center lines

A list of putative contaminants among stock center lines (Table 1), as well as the complete list of accessions from our study (Table S1) can be found here. For more details refer to:


Supporting information for different collections

A list of accessions from different collections (members of 196, 1307, 1144.....) can be found here.
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