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Welcome to the Bergelson lab

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Who we are

A listing of current lab members can be found here. 

What we do

We study the ecology and evolution of plant-enemy interactions, focusing at the moment on the bacterial diseases of Arabidopsis thaliana. Our goals are to determine the genetic basis of traits underlying resistance and pathogenicity, decipher the evolutionary history of the relevant genes, and understand how ecological dynamics and selection jointly act to shape their evolutionary histories. More information is available here.

We have also been involved in developing resources to facilitate evolutionary ecology and genetics of A. thaliana, most notably by collaborating in efforts to first establish that the genetic structure of A. thaliana is suitable for Genome Wide Association mapping and second by establishing collections of densely genotyped lines for mapping. For more information on these efforts, see here.

Where we are

We are part of the Department of Ecology and Evolution of the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago.

The lab is located in the Erman Biological Center.

Contact information

Ecology & Evolution
University of Chicago
1101 E 57th St
Chicago IL 60637
Tel: (773) 834 7690
Fax: (773) 702 9740

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