Welcome to Bergelson Lab!

June 2018

We study the ecology and evolution of plant–pathogen interactions, focusing primarily on Arabidopsis thaliana and the bacteria that reside within it. Our approach is interdisciplinary; we draw upon tools from molecular genetics, molecular evolution, computation, field biology, chemistry, and population genetics to understand how ecological interactions shape evolutionary dynamics. The lab typically contains a mixture of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate students who enjoy working with diverse collaborators from around the world. Many of our field experiments are performed locally, at our field station in Michigan, or abroad, at sites in Sweden and France.



SUMMER CONFERENCES! Lab members presented posters & talks at the Evolution 2019 meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, & at the International Congress on Molecular Plant Interactions in Glasgow, Scotland.

NEW PUBLICATION Characterizing Both Bacteria & Fungi Improves Understanding of the Arabidopsis Root Microbiome. Scientific Reports 9 (1): 24.

NEW PUBLICATION Genome-Wide Association Studies on the Phyllosphere Microbiome: Embracing Complexity in Host-Microbe Interactions. The Plant Journal 97 (1): 164–81.


KEVEN JOINS THE LAB! After completing a successful rotation, Keven Dooley, a PhD student in the Microbiology department, has joined the lab! Keven is interested in how ecological interactions affect the structure & function of microbial communities.

WELCOME UNDERGRAD RESEARCHERS! Undergraduate researchers Peter Laurin and Riley Leff join the lab to for hands-on bench training & to pursue specific projects related to host-microbe ecology & evolution.

CONGRATULATIONS TO JOY! Our own newly elected member of the National Academy of Sciences! See her BioSketch from NAS.

AURELIEN PERRIER returned to University of Paris Diderot after a 5 month research visit.

BAPTISTE MAYJONADE returned to Fabrice Roux’s lab at the Université de Toulouse after a 3 month research visit.

MANUS THOEN, former postdoc, accepted a job at Enza Seeds in the Netherlands, & we join his family in celebrating the arrival of baby Boaz!

CONGRATS MADLEN! Former lab member Madlen Vetter published her first book, Computing Skills For Biologists, with co-author Stefano Allesina!

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